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Major links: SPAM COP (report here your spam emails) | Collectif Anti Spam | SPAM.ABUSE.NET

In the news today, some very bad news. The U.S. parliament attemps to legalize spam, that is to say all these commercial e-mails that are sent to internauts without their consent. This is a vast pollution for our mailboxes, dangerous because it propagates a lot of viruses. Also advertisements on web pages using popups take a lot of time to open and there is no way to close the popup or do anything else on the browser while it is loading. It's a kind of intrusion on your computer, even if YOU have decided to connect to a web site that contains ads in popup windows.

The war is declared against spammers and ads. Join me in this fight. There are ways to fight against this plague. Here are suggestions:

Add a toolbar on your browser with radio-buttons specifying if you authorize popups to be opened from this browser, if you deny this right or if you want a confirmation window showing the complete url before it opens (and it does not open if you don't want it). I'm in the process of developping such a toolbar for I.E., which can be more efficient than current popup-killer softwares that only scans the list of open windows to check if unwanted windows are opened (but we don't wan't them to open at the very beginning....).

SEND SPAM EMAILS BACK TO SPAMMERS using their own arms. Use a wrong origin email address as they do, and make voluntarily some typo errors on each key-word in the body of your text to make your email go through their anti-spam tool. For this purpose, do not reply to their emails because they send you email with a wrong "From" address. Simply open some of the unwanted spam messages (scanned by your anti-virus), and try to find email addresses of some people on the web site, or try to guess it like or etc...

INTOXICATE SPAMMERS: dispatch all over the web wrong email addresses and addresses of spammers. Spammers use robots to scan the web and read any email address they can find inside web pages. A simple way to intoxicate spammers robots is for instance to add this code inside the html code of your web pages:

<!-- <a href="">TOTO</a> -->
This is invisible on your web page but robots will most probably catch it. The previous email is the one of a spammer, here is a list of other valid emails of spammers: To intoxicate spammers with false emails, copy the following links on your web page as well as the 3 web pages referenced inside the links which contains hundreds of false emails and emails of spammers, and the small gif image email.gif on the present site. The links will be invisible because too small, so there will be no disturbance on your web pages but robots of spammers will be intoxicated.

Here is a simple javascript that generates thousands of random emails that you can freely add to the file contacts.html, and even better, change your list every month for a better efficiency!!! To use the script, create a page which includes this javascript and refresh the page. A new web page must appear with 50000 hyperlinks of false emails. Go into the menu View/Source and then copy the content into the source of the file contacts.html.

Another suggestion: forward all your spam emails to the U.S. parliament. Since they apparently like spam !!! ;-)
(Note, this email is encrypted so that spammers cannot catch it using robots, see how...

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Last update: 12/28/2003

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