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List of my scientific publications

My math lectures (in french)

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Some information sources in mathematics

Some information sources in physics

Physics Organisations

The CERN Home page (The CERN is a an international organisation located in Geneva, and its purpose is mainly to conduct experiments in particle physics at some very high energies)

The Stanford Linear Accelerator

The Particle Physics Laboratory of Annecy (where I passed Ph. D)

Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Home Page

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Home Page

The NASA Homepage

DESY Home Page

Physics in general

The EPR "paradox": I have put on this page some classical references about this physical phenomenon.

The LEP accelerator CERN (now replaced by LHC). You can see there the largest particle accelerator in the world online (not in the winter, because the accelerator is down at this time, because of the cost of electricity in Switzerland).

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Last update: 24/03/2021