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My name is Eric Chopin and I've been a Researcher in Theoretical Physics (elementary particles) and for 2 years a maths teacher in Grenoble (France). Now I work as a software developer since sept. 2000 and more specifically in the IT department of a company based in Geneva.

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Lecture,LaTeX (fr)
Math Exam Polytechnique 86
Math exam ENS-LYON 90
Funny enigma (fr)
Links (courses, databases...)
My Research
My PhD Thesis
Particle Physics at CERN (fr)
EPR Paradox, Bell inequalities (fr)
My Latex to HTML parser
Why Linux is better
M symbolic calculation software
Fight Spam actively
French Congress Report about sects
Homeopathy can be dangerous!!
Hoaxes in emails: chain letters, fake virus alerts,...
Fight neo nazi propaganda
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List of my scientific publications

My math lectures (in french) | LaTeX4Web: my LaTeX to HTML converter

An interesting math problem with one open question ...

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