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A picture of me (2006) Birth: 1970, common-law
2 children
French citizen
Military service completed

Address : Haute Savoie, France, near Geneva
e-mail :
web :

Professional skills
  • Developments under asp, php, C, C++, VB, Java, xml-xsl
  • IDEs: Eclipse, VB, VC++, V. Kaffé, Atom, XML-spy, VS .NET (C#)
  • Mathematics / Theoretical Physics
  • Developer/project manager of web applications (IIS,Apache,weblogic) or C/S apps.
    N-tiers apps using SQL-server 2000, Oracle 9i, Postgre, MySQL and transactional programming (MTS,EJB..).
  • Confortable with either Windows and Unix-Like operating systems.
  • Teaching (university and high-school level)

Professionnal experience
April 2017... Developer at ERI Bancaire S.A.(Geneva). Java/Cobol developments for the Olympic accounting system (used essentially by private banks)
2013-2017 Developer SOLOG S.A. (Talan S.A.) in Geneva: consultant for an investment bank, development and third-party software integration : Lotus Notes applications, J2EE intranets, misc non-banking softwares)
2006-2012 Developer SOLOG S.A. in Geneva: consultant for a private bank on portfolio management systems (AAA + internaly developped software), IT security and archiving systems (developpement on a java (under Eclipse)/oracle middleware). Audits on IT quality processes and CMMI-related requirements
2004-2005 Developer for COTECNA INSPECTION S.A.. Security and Business applications used world-wide for CUSTOMS inspections and cleareance of goods, for truck tracking via satellites etc.
2000-2003 Developer and project manager in a web agency (SQLI-France then SQLI-Switzerland)
1998-2000 Mathematics teacher in high-school
Research activities in theoretical physics (freelance)
1994-1998 Ph.D. student then post-doc at LAPTH and teacher (240 h) at
University of Savoie (France)

1997 2 months of research activities at University of Freiburg (Germany)
1992 3-month of postgraduate traineeship at the Sante Fe Institute (N.M., U.S.A.)
(supervised by W.H. Zurek, Los Alamos National Lab.)
Modelisation of quantum-mechanical systems
1991 2-month graduate traineeship at LAPP (Annecy-France)
(data analysis of the ALEPH experiment at CERN (Geneva)
and programming of some Monte-Carlo-like numerical simulation softwares)

Higher education

Languages:  fluent in English ( written and spoken)
German (high-school level)
Military service:  1993

Research in Mathematics/Physics:  Weil representation, Gauge Field Theories...
Sport:  Karate (Shotokan, 1st Kyu)
1983-1989:  founder and president of an experimental rocket club patronized by the French organization for space (C.N.E.S.) and a national association for science (A.N.S.T.J. now renamed "planete-science")
campain on a military camp Related abilities:
  • aerodynamics
  • conception and manufacturing
    of mechanical pieces
  • Analogic and numeric hardware realizations
  • Simple telemetry systems

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